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Saluwa Nakiyinji: Building Dreams, One Tiger Brand Product at a Time

Saluwa Nakiyinji isn’t just any hardware supplier. She’s a dream weaver, transforming customer aspirations into tangible realities, brick by brick, shingle by shingle. With a DIY spirit burning bright and a deep love for quality construction, Saluwa relies on the unwavering strength and expertise of Tiger Brand products from East African Roofing Systems (EARS).

From foundation to finish, Saluwa has seen it all. She understands the intricate dance of construction materials, the delicate balance between affordability and durability, and the immense satisfaction of delivering a project that exceeds expectations.

Remember that leaky roof, threatening to dampen your spirits (and your investment)? Saluwa has the answer. Tiger Brand’s robust roofing sheets, crafted with precision and engineered for East Africa’s unique climate, stand tall against the elements, ensuring your home remains a haven of comfort and security.

Need a secure perimeter to protect your precious space? Look no further than Tiger Brand’s chain link and barbed wire, offering an impenetrable barrier that keeps unwanted visitors at bay. Whether it’s a commercial property or a family home, Saluwa knows the importance of creating a safe and secure environment.

But Saluwa's expertise goes beyond the obvious. She understands the intricate details, the finishing touches that elevate a good build to a great one. Tiger Brand's wide range of products, from BRC mesh to wire mesh, Tiger nails to expanded metal, provide the versatility and precision needed to bring even the most intricate design visions to life.

Saluwa's story is more than just about selling products; it's about the impact she makes. She's a passionate advocate for quality construction, a trusted advisor to her customers, and a living testament to the power of building dreams with reliable partners like East African Roofing Systems.

Ready to turn your own building dream into reality? Visit East African Roofing Systems' website ( and discover the Tiger Brand advantage. With Saluwa's expertise and EARS' commitment to quality, your vision is just a few steps away.

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P.S. Share your construction projects and challenges in the comments below! Saluwa and the EARS team are always happy to help you build your dream.