Interested in taking a group of students on a field trip to East African roofing systems Factory? 

This Students Guide will provide the necessary tools and sample materials needed for a successful factory tour at Earoofing. Inside this guide are details that should to be considered, covered or dismissed depending upon school and individual needs.

“The Factory tours are essential factors in showcasing the integration of various skill-sets in a manufacturing facility, intricacies of manufacturing processes, and how everything is inter-connected. 


We strongly suggest a pre-tour visit of the Factory in order to give you an idea of what the students will see. Look at it through their eyes. Check how long it takes you to make the walk through (could you be in and out in 20 minutes?) in addition to any introduction management may want to give.

East African roofing systems has high-tech operations which produce some outstanding products, many of which you can’t see because of environmental barriers on the floor or due to areas in the plant not open to the public. Through experience, the younger the group, the more activity the better…they are magnetically attracted to automated robotic factory action.  Additionally, ask the Earoofing’ tour guide to prepare an orientation presentation for your group to explain to students about the facility and its products, processes, and personnel.


Communication, after you have received the approval from your administration to conduct the tour, it is time to verify all the facts: who goes, to where, when, and how.

Location, where to pass will be the most time-consuming part of the entire adventure. You have to master the East African roofing systems Location to find the shortest, safe, and most reliable path to the Factory. Consider the distance from your school to East African roofing, Calculate the number of hours to be used to reach the Premises of Earoofing.

Find a location whose processes and products match what you would like the students to experience. You will want to confirm that the Earoofing manufacturing processes are hi-tech and that there is a lot of activity that will be exciting for students to see. Example: Connecting human actions and programming with real Machines at work on the factory floor = exciting.


How will you get there now that you’ve selected East African roofing systems? By Local bus, School Bus, or taxi? Most charge from the time they leave their facility to the time they get back, usually by the hour

Expenses, East African roofing system’s Factory tour is free of charge for all Ugandan Students (The Entrance Fee is free) and we highly recommend a group of 20-100 students.

Tips for Company Hosts

Factory Tours Tips

East African roofing systems will prepare the students for the tour ahead of time by explaining what they will see and hear at a particular place or section on the Factory floor. Students most likely have never been in a manufacturing facility.

Below is how we do it;
  • A small group of 10-15 students will be created, so they can hear and see
  • A short overview of the company: what we make, and market our products
  • East African roofing’s Factory terms are clearly defined
  • Students are given a chance to ask some questions about our sampled products
  • Students are allowed to put on the facility’s necessary PPE, such as clean room gumboots, gloves, safety Helmets, etc.
  • We explore the careers/pathways for this industry. What do workers really do? What kind of education is needed? What subject background prepares a student for these careers?
  • Earoofing staff addresses the group after the tour for a question-and-answer session

Phones/Cameras/Flash Memory Devices; Students & school staff are not be allowed to talk photos of the running machines 

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