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From Bricks to Bonds: Building Towers of Teamwork at EARS Staff Fun Day

From blueprints to cardboard castles, our EARS Staff Fun Day on December 21st was a master class in building more than just roofs. Laughter and collaboration were the mortar, camaraderie the beams, and shared memories the grand design. Gone were the usual cubicles and deadlines; in their place rose six cardboard kingdoms, each a testament to the boundless creativity and unwavering spirit of our team.

Integrity House, bathed in the glory of blue, stood tall, its towers echoing the unwavering principles of trust and precision. Harmony House pulsed with a rhythmic symphony of brainstorming and shared laughter, their bridge adorned with whimsical details and inside jokes. Efficiency House hummed with laser-focused teamwork, their minimalist marvel of cardboard triangles a testament to streamlined collaboration.

Customer Service House radiated warmth and dedication, their bridge incorporating miniature mailboxes and a tiny help desk – their doors forever open. Team Work House, like a beating heart, powered the kingdom’s spirit, their castle crowned with a gleaming cardboard trophy, a symbol of their collaborative triumph.

Building bridges wasn’t just about cardboard bricks and glue. It was about reaching across departments, sharing spare beams, and offering even the occasional helpful tip to rivals (okay, maybe not Team Efficiency, their competitive spirit burned fiercely!). It was about the unexpected heroes who emerged, their talents and skills surprising everyone. And the Marketing team’s surprise rap? It had everyone dancing and brainstorming new bridge designs, proving that even the most unexpected contributions can spark creativity.

As the day unfolded, the spirit of collaboration soared higher than any cardboard arch. Team Innovation surprised everyone with their bridge resembling a miniature roller coaster, complete with twisting tunnels and cardboard loop-de-loops, a testament to their fearless experimentation. Quality House’s fortress-like bridge stood the test of time, a result of their meticulous testing and reinforcement with every paperclip and scrap of tape they could find, proving that dedication to quality extends even to the most whimsical constructions.


In the end, Integrity House, bathed in the glory of blue, emerged victorious in the inter-house competitions. Their bridge, a graceful, sturdy arc crowned with a gleaming cardboard castle, stood as a testament to their teamwork and ingenuity. And the prize that awaited them? A whole, bleating, and undeniably memorable goat! Yes, you read that right. The ultimate reward for their collaborative spirit, a furry symbol of their victory that would forever be etched in EARS lore.

The celebration that followed was as epic as the cardboard creations. Whether the goat graced dinner plates or became a permanent office fixture remains a delicious mystery (wink, wink). But one thing is certain: the bonds built, the memories forged, and the laughter that echoed throughout the day were the true prizes of our Staff Fun Day. As the sun dipped below the horizon, we gathered around our cardboard creations, not as competitors, but as a united team. We toasted to the day, to the power of collaboration, and to the realization that sometimes, the best structures aren’t built with bricks and mortar, but with trust, shared dreams, and a healthy dose of cardboard-fueled fun.

So, cheers to our epic EARS Staff Fun Day! A day that reminded us that work isn’t just about deadlines; it’s about the people we share them with, the bonds we forge, and the memories that become the cornerstones of our team spirit. May this spirit of collaboration continue to guide us, reminding us that together, we can build anything we set our minds to, one cardboard brick (or daring loop!) at a time!