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East African Roofing Systems Ltd Delights Customers at Harvest Money Expo 2024

East African Roofing Systems Ltd. (EARS) enjoyed a successful outing at Harvest Money 2024. Our booth attracted significant customer interest in our comprehensive product range, including fencing, roofing, wire products, and concrete solutions. We are particularly pleased with the positive feedback regarding the quality of our Tiger Brand products and our commitment to customer service.

Customer Engagement

The EARS team engaged with numerous customers throughout the event. Key highlights include:

  • Awareness Building: Many customers were unaware of the custom iron sheet lengths and our nationwide agent network. This provided an excellent opportunity to educate potential clients about our flexibility and reach.
  • Price Discussions: Our experts effectively addressed concerns about pricing, highlighting the value proposition and superior quality of our products.
  • Product Excellence: The technology and quality of our barbed wire fencing and chain-link solutions impressed customers. Our recent win at the East Africa Brand Quality Awards in the Wire section further reinforces this positive perception.

Case Study: Mbale and Jinja

The interaction with clients from different parts of the country  notably ,  Mbale and Jinja showcased our expertise. Their initial concerns about agent locations and pricing were swiftly resolved. This highlights the importance of clear communication and product knowledge in establishing customer trust.

Opportunities and Recommendations

  1. Custom Lengths Promotion: Actively promote our custom iron sheet lengths as a key selling point, targeting customers seeking tailored solutions.
  2. Agent Network Visibility: Increase the visibility of our agent network through marketing materials and our website to enhance customer accessibility.
  3. Value Proposition Emphasis: Continue emphasizing the overall value proposition of our products, focusing on long-term benefits rather than solely on upfront costs.


Harvest Money 2024 was a valuable platform for East African Roofing Systems Ltd. to connect with existing and potential customers. We extend our sincere gratitude to all who visited our booth and purchased our products. EARS remains committed to providing innovative and high-quality building solutions across East Africa.