About Us

Founded in 2001, East African roofing Systems has quickly become a leading manufacturer of steel building materials ranging from fencing solutions like barbed wire, chainlink, roofing materials and wire products like nails, rounded bars, welded mesh and BRC. They are available in different sizes, gauges and colors according your specification.

Our products all belong to our brand name TIGER and are further certified and approved by the various quality governing bodies like UNBS and are QMARK & ISO9001 CERTIFIED. Our quality guarantee insures that all our products satisfy the needs of professional builders, contractors and homeowners alike.

East African roofing systems also belongs to UMA (Uganda Manufacturers Association and other bodies like PSF (Private Sector Foundation)

Mission Statement

East African Roofing Systems Ltd. shall be recognized as the most efficient, reliable and cost effective manufacturer and distributor of high quality building materials in the East African Region.

To achieve our Mission;

1. We shall focus on the quality of our goods and services, process efficiency and productivity, in order to achieve profitability and business growth for the benefit of our share holders, ourselves, the community and the region.

2. We shall strive to attract, satisfy and retain customers by focusing on their needs and through the best business practices.

3. We shall be forthright to our suppliers of goods and services in order to build mutually beneficial and lasting relationships.

4. We shall strive to build a harmonious working environment by supporting and learning from each other in a spirit of team work.

5. We shall seek new knowledge through training, research, development and technology transfers

6. We shall protect the environment and conserve the natural resources for our own good, our children and the future generations.

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East African Roofing Systems Ltd was started in 2001 when the founder members noticed a need for provision of good quality products in the construction industry especially for middle class who normally prefer to set up their own homes instead of buying already built houses, East African roofing system was started to fill the gap and to help both users and construction companies to access high quality products at affordable prices. Despite facing many challenges arising out of the changing macro-economic environment in East Africa and many parts of the world, The Company has managed to attain phenomenal growth over the last 10 years to become a premium supplier of high end construction products. To do this we have relied on our core principles of provision of high quality products and services, developing mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, suppliers, staff and the business community at large. We train and motivate staff to enable them deliver on the company objectives. We have leveraged on technology to drive our processes and activities. In that respect we have taken advantage of every technological advancement in the industry to deliver high quality products and services for example we are running a paperless office and our customers can buy our products online The company started out with a few machines and a handful of employees in rented premises. Now we are running a fleet of very modern machinery with many skilled workers. We are now serving the entire East African market and looking beyond. Our work force has been growing at a rate of 50 skilled staff per year for the past five years and we hope to grow at a faster rate when we open our second operations soon. For the future we are looking at operating in all 5 East African States, supplying A-Z of the construction industry this will allow us to serve the region better. We wish to thank all our Customers, Suppliers of goods and services and the Entire Business community for the tremendous support you have given us. We assure of our continued quality service and patronage

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Word from HR

East African Roofing Systems Ltd is an equal opportunity employer. We employ competent self-driven persons with integrity that can work as a team and have passion for excellence.

As line 4 of our mission statement goes ‘We shall strive to build a harmonious working environment by supporting and learning from each other as a spirit of team work”.

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Word from Quality Manager

We at East African roofing systems are committed to providing you with the highest quality products by assuring their performance, consistency, safety and value.

To that end we are ISO 9001 CERTIFIED and all our products are UNBS QMARK Certified. We ENSURE to maintain these high quality standards as we design, manufacture our products by the most efficient means possible to ensure they are affordable to the greatest number of our consumers.