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Tiger Barbed Wire

Tiger Barbed wire fencing is a traditional and staple fence of the farming world and has been around many decades. Our high quality barbed wire is manufactured from Zinc coated (Galvanized Wire) which makes it last long and rust free.

 Tiger barbed wire Wire consists of two strands of wire twisted together with barbs place at predetermined distances. It is available in continuous twist and reverses twist designs. 

The reverse twist design alternates the direction of the two wires at the barbs which

  • Reduces    sagging    and    better    hold    the    barbs    in    place,  
  • Eliminating    the    need    for    pre-stretching
  • Allows    for    increased    post    spacing,    all    of    which    will    save    you    time,    money,    and    
    maintenance headaches

Weight                 Gauge                   Barb spacing

20kgs                       16G/14G/13G                  6”/4” (150/100mm)

25kgs                       16G/14G/13G                  6”/4” (150/100mm)



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